Enabling SSH V2 (required for SFTP)


As a matter of policy, administrators should not enable the SSH V1-only or the SSH V1-or-V2 advertisement modes. SSHv1 is supported on only some legacy switches (such as the Switch Series 2500 switches.)

Any attempts to use SCP or SFTP without using ip ssh filetransfer cause the SCP or SFTP session to fail. Depending on the client software in use, you will receive an error message on the originating console, for example:

IP file transfer not enabled on the switch
  1. Enter the following command to enable SSH v2:
    switch(config)# ip ssh version 2
  2. Enter the show ip ssh command to confirm that you have enabled an SSH session:
    switch(config)# show ip ssh
  3. Enter the ip ssh filetransfer command so that SCP and/or SFTP can run.

  4. Open your third-party software client application to being using the SCP or SFTP commands to safely transfer files or issue commands to the switch.