Downloading to primary flash using Xmodem (Menu)

The menu interface accesses only the primary flash.

  1. From the console Main Menu, select 7. Download OS
  2. Press [E] (for Edit) on the keyboard.
  3. Use the Space bar to select XMODEM in the Method field.
  4. Press [Enter], then [X] (for eXecute) to begin the software download.
  5. The following message appears:
  6. Press enter and then initiate Xmodem transfer from the attached computer.....
  7. Press [Enter] and then execute the terminal emulator commands to begin Xmodem binary transfer.
  8. For example, using HyperTerminal:
    1. Click on Transfer, then Send File.

    2. Enter the file path and name in the Filename field.

    3. In the Protocol field, select Xmodem.

    4. Click on the [Send] button.

  9. The download then commences. It can take several minutes, depending on the baud rate set in the switch and in your terminal emulator.
  10. After the primary flash memory has been updated with the new software, you must reboot the switch to implement the newly downloaded software. Return to the Main Menu and press [6] (for Reboot Switch.) You then see the following prompt:
  11. Continue reboot of system? : No
  12. Press the space bar once to change No to Yes, then press [Enter] to begin the reboot.
  13. To confirm that the software downloaded correctly:
    1. From the Main Menu, select 1. Status and Counters, and the select 1. General System Information

    2. Check the Firmware revision line.