Downloading to primary flash using TFTP

The menu interface accesses only the primary flash.

  1. In the console Main Menu, select Download OS to display the screen in Download OS (software) screen (default values). (The term "OS" or "operating system" refers to the switch software):
    Download OS (software) screen (default values)
  2. Press [E] (for Edit .)
  3. Ensure that the Method field is set to TFTP (the default.)
  4. In the TFTP Server field, enter the IP address of the TFTP server in which the software file has been stored.
  5. In the Remote File Name field, enter the name of the software file (if you are using a UNIX system, remember that the filename is case-sensitive.)
  6. Press [Enter], then [X] (for eXecute ) to begin the software download.
  7. The screen shown in Download OS (software) screen during a download appears:
    Download OS (software) screen during a download
  8. A "progress" bar indicates the progress of the download. When the entire software file has been received, all activity on the switch halts and you will see Validating and writing system software to FLASH...
  9. After the primary flash memory is updated with the new software, you must reboot the switch to implement the newly downloaded software. Return to the Main Menu and press [6] (for Reboot Switch .)
  10. You will see this prompt:
    Continue reboot of system? : No
  11. Press the space bar once to change No to Yes, then press [Enter] to begin the reboot.

    When you use the menu interface to download a switch software, the new image is always stored in primary flash. Also, using the

    Reboot Switch

    command in the Main Menu always reboots the switch from primary flash. Rebooting the switch from the CLI provides more options. See the

    basic operation guide


  12. After you reboot the switch, confirm that the software downloaded correctly:
    1. From the Main Menu, select 2. Switch Configuration..., and then select 2. Port/Trunk Settings

    2. Check the Firmware revision line.