copy crash-log


copy crash-log [<SLOT-ID>|mm] tftp <IP-ADDRESS> <FILEPATH\FILENAME> [oobm]
copy crash-log [<SLOT-ID>|mm] usb <FILENAME>
copy crash-log [<SLOT-ID>|mm] xmodem


Copies the crash log content to a remote host, attached USB device, or to a serially connected PC or UNIX workstation. You can copy individual slot information or the management module (mm) switch information. If you do not specify either mm or oobm, the command defaults to mm data.

Parameters and options


a - h—Retrieves the crash log from the processor on the module in the specified slot.


Retrieves the crash log from the switch's chassis processor. With mm specified, copies crash files from both management modules.


For switches that have a separate OOBM port, specifies that the transfer is through the OOBM interface. (Default is transfer through the data interface.)

Copy the crash log for slot C to a file in a PC connected to the switch

Sending a crash log for slot C to a file on an attached PC