copy command-output


copy command-output <CLI-COMMAND> tftp <IP-ADDRESS> <FILEPATH-FILENAME> [oobm]
copy command-output <CLI-COMMAND> usb <FILENAME>
copy command-output <CLI-COMMAND> xmodem


These commands direct the displayed output of a CLI command to a remote host, attached USB device, or to a serially connected PC or UNIX workstation.

For switches that have a separate OOBM port, the oobm parameter specifies that the transfer is through the OOBM interface. If this parameter is not specified, the transfer is through the data interface. The oobm parameter is not available on switches that do not have a separate OOBM port.

Use Xmodem to copy the output of show config

The command you specify must be enclosed in double quotation marks.

Sending command output to a file on an attached PC