PoE configuration options

In the default configuration, PoE support is enabled on the ports in a PoE module installed on the switch. The default priority for all ports is low and the default power notification threshold is 80%. Using the CLI, you can:

  • Disable or re-enable PoE operation on individual PoE ports

  • Enable support for pre-standard devices

  • Change the PoE priority level on individual PoE ports

  • Change the threshold for generating a power level notice

  • Manually allocate the amount of PoE power for a port by usage, value, or class

  • Allocate PoE power based on the link-partner’s capabilities via LLDP

The ports support standard networking links and PoE links. You can connect either a non-PoE device or a PD to a port enabled for PoE without reconfiguring the port.