Syncing commands

The following CLI commands can be executed during initial syncing between the active management module and the standby management module, which occurs when the standby module is inserted or after a reboot of the system. All other CLI commands will not be executed until after the initial syncing completes.

During initial syncing, no SNMP set requests are executed, except the SNMP request for ping.

Operator commands

dir menu traceroute6
enable ping dbgstack
exit ping6 wireless-services
link-test show services
logout traceroute  

Manager commands

boot system copy running-config page
boot active copy startup-config print
boot standby copy event-log redo
configure copy core-dump reload
copy command-output recopy repeat
copy config tftp display task-monitor
copy config xmodem end telnet
copy crash-data getMIB terminal
copy crash-log kill walkMIB
copy flash tftp licenses write-terminal
copy flash xmodem log redundancy