Application server commands

Application servers (as described in OOBM and server applications in OOBM concepts) have added a listen keyword with oobm|data|both options to specify which interfaces are active.

Default value is both for all servers.


telnet-server [listen {oobm | data | both}]


ip ssh [listen {oobm | data | both}]


snmp-server [listen {oobm | data | both}]


tftp server [listen {oobm | data | both}]


web-management [listen {oobm | data | both}]

In all cases, show running-config displays the server configurations.

Use the no form of the command to prevent the server from running on either interface.


Telnet: no telnet-server

SSH: no ip ssh …

SNMP: no snmp-server …

TFTP: no tftp server

HTTP: no web-management …

The show servers command shows the listen mode of the servers:

Switch# show servers
Server listen mode

Server   Listen mode
Telnet        | both
Ssh         | both
Tftp        | both
Web-management | both
Snmp        | both