Application client commands

CLI commands for client applications have added the oobm keyword to allow you to specify that the outgoing request be issued from the OOBM interface. If you do not specify the oobm keyword, the request will be issued from the appropriate in-band data interface. Command syntax is:


telnet ip-address [oobm]

copy tftp ... ip-address filename... [oobm]

no sntp server priority priority ip-address [oobm] [version]

no ip timep [dhcp | manual ip-address | [oobm]]

no radius-server host ip-address [oobm]

no tacacs-server host ip-address [oobm]

no ip dns server-address priority priority ip-address [oobm]

no logging ip-address [[control-descr] | [oobm]]

ping [...] [source [ip-address | vlan-id | oobm]]


traceroute [...][source [ip-address|vlan-id|oobm]] Management and Configuration Guide


Example data center shows setup and use of network OOBM using the commands described above.

Assume that the figure below describes how you want to set up your data center.

Example data center
Assume that you are configuring the switch in the left-hand rack to communicate on both the data and management networks. You might do the following:
  • Configure an IP address on the data network.

  • Verify that out-of-band management is enabled. (It is enabled by default.)

  • Configure an IP address on the management network.

  • Verify that the switch can communicate on both networks.

The CLI commands that follow would accomplish those tasks. (The first time through the process you might easily make the omission shown near the end of the example.)

Switch 41# config
Switch 41(config)# vlan 1
Switch 41(vlan-1)# ip address        Set up IP address on data network.
Switch 41(vlan-1)# end                                  Exit back to manager context.
Switch 41# show oobm                              Look at default OOBM configuration.

Global Configuration
  OOBM Enabled   : Yes
  OOBM Port Type  : 10/100TX
  OOBM Interface Status : Up                              Defaults look appropriate.
  OOBM Port   : Enabled
  OOBM Port Speed  : Auto

Switch 41# config
Switch 41(config)# oobm                                      Go to OOBM context and
Switch 41(oobm)# ip address                     add IP address and
Switch 41(oobm)# ip default-gateway                    default gateway.
Switch 41(oobm)# end                                   Exit back to manager context.
Switch 41# ping              Ping server in this rack (on data network.) is alive, time = 19 ms
Switch 41# ping                            Ping server in adjacent rack. is alive, time = 15 ms
Switch 41# ping                          Ping switch in adjacent rack.
The destination address is unreachable.        Oops! It’s on the management network.
Switch 41# ping source oobm             Go through the management port is alive, time = 2 ms                               and it works fine.
Switch 41#