Use USB to transfer files to and from the switch

The switch's USB port (labeled as Aux Port) allows the use of a USB flash drive for copying configuration files to and from the switch.

Operating rules and restrictions:

  • Unformatted USB flash drives must first be formatted on a PC (Windows FAT format.) For devices with multiple partitions, only the first partition is supported. Devices with secure partitions are not supported.

  • If they already exist on the device, subdirectories are supported. When specifying a filename , you must enter either the individual file name (if at the root) or the full path name (for example, /subdir/filename.)

  • To view the contents of a USB flash drive, use the dir command. This lists all files and directories at the root. To view the contents of a directory, you must specify the subdirectory name (that is, dir subdirectory.)

  • The USB port supports a single USB device. USB hubs to add more ports are not supported.


Some USB flash drives may not be supported on your switch. Consult the latest Release Notes for information on supported devices.