Traffic mirroring overview

Starting in software release K.12.xx, traffic mirroring (Intelligent Mirroring) allows you to mirror (send a copy of) network traffic received or transmitted on a switch interface to a local or remote destination, such as a traffic analyzer or IDS.)

Traffic mirroring provides the following benefits:

  • Allows you to monitor the traffic flow on specific source interfaces.

  • Helps in analyzing and debugging problems in network operation resulting from a misbehaving network or an individual client. The mirroring of selected traffic to an external device makes it easier to diagnose a network problem from a centralized location in a topology spread across a campus.

  • Supports remote mirroring to simultaneously mirror switch traffic on one or more interfaces to multiple remote destinations. (In remote mirroring, you must first configure the remote mirroring endpoint—remote switch and exit port—before you specify a mirroring source for a session.)