Configuring thresholds for generating a power notice

You can configure one of the following thresholds:

A global power threshold that applies to all modules on the switch.

This setting acts as a trigger for sending a notice when the PoE power consumption on any PoE module installed in the switch crosses the configured global threshold level. (Crossing the threshold level in either direction—PoE power usage either increasing or decreasing—triggers the notice.) The default setting is 80%.

A per-slot power threshold that applies to an individual PoE module installed in the designated slot.

This setting acts as a trigger for sending a notice when the module in the specified slot exceeds or goes below a specific level of PoE power consumption.

setting global notification

Suppose slots A, B, and C each have a PoE module installed. In this case, executing the following command sets the global notification threshold to 70% of available PoE power.

switch# power-over-ethernet threshold

With this setting, if module B is allocated 100 watts of PoE power and is using 68 watts, and then another PD is connected to the module in slot B that uses 8 watts, the 70% threshold of 70 watts is exceeded. The switch sends an SNMP trap and generates this Event Log message:

Slot B POE usage has exceeded threshold of 70%.

If the switch is configured for debug logging, it also sends the Event Log message to the configured debug destinations.

On any PoE module, if an increasing PoE power load (1) exceeds the configured power threshold—which triggers the log message and SNMP trap—and then (2) later decreases and drops below the threshold again, the switch generates another SNMP trap, plus a message to the Event Log and any configured Debug destinations.