Viewing the switch's MAC address assignments for VLANs configured on the switch

The Management Address Information screen lists the MAC addresses for:

  1. Base switch (default VLAN; VID=1)
  2. Any additional VLANs configured on the switch.

Also, the Base MAC address appears on a label on the back of the switch.


The Base MAC address is used by the first (default) VLAN in the switch. This is usually the VLAN named "DEFAULT_VLAN" unless the name has been changed (by using the VLAN Names screen.) On the switches covered in this guide, the VID (VLAN identification number) for the default VLAN is always "1,"

and cannot be changed


  • From the Main Menu, select

  • 1. Status and Counters

  • 2. Switch Management Address Information

  • If the switch has only the default VLAN, the following screen appears. If the switch has multiple static VLANs, each is listed with its address data.
    Example of the Management Address Information screen