Creating a device identity and associating a device type

  1. Create a device identity using the command:
    switch# device-identity name <DEVICE-NAME>
  2. Specify the OUI used in LLDP's organization using specific TLV, (type =127). OUI should be in XXXXXX format. The default OUI "000000" indicates that device-identity will not use LLDP to identify device:
    switch(config)# device-identity name <DEVICE-NAME> lldp oui <MAC_OUI>
     sub-type <SUBTYPE>
    To add new device on switch:
    switch(config)# device-identity name abc lldp oui a1b2c3 sub 2
    To remove device from switch:
    switch(config)# no device-identity name abc
  3. Show device identity configuration:
    switch(config)# show device-identity lldp
    Device Identity Configuration
     Index  Device name            Oui        Subtype
     ------ ---------------------- ---------- -------
     1      abc                    a1b2c3     2     

    The maximum devices that can be configured using device-identity are 16. The maximum devices that can be associated using device-profile are 19. The maximum profiles that can be created using device-profile are 17.