Configuring and using DNS resolution with DNS-compatible commands

The DNS-compatible commands include ping and traceroute.)

  1. Determine the following:
    1. The IP address for a DNS server operating in a domain in your network.
    2. The priority (1 to 3) of the selected server, relative to other DNS servers in the domain.
    3. The domain name for an accessible domain in which there are hosts you want to reach with a DNS-compatible command. (This is the domain suffix in the fully qualified domain name for a given host operating in the selected domain. See Basic operation.) Note that if a domain suffix is not configured, fully qualified domain names can be used to resolve DNS-compatible commands.
    4. The host names assigned to target IP addresses in the DNS server for the specified domain.
  2. Use the data from the first three bullets in step1 to configure the DNS entry on the switch.
  3. Use a DNS-compatible command with the host name to reach the target devices.