Configuring the severity level for Event Log messages sent to a syslog server

Event Log messages are entered with one of the following severity levels (from highest to lowest):


A fatal error condition has occurred on the switch.


An error condition has occurred on the switch.


A switch service has behaved unexpectedly.


Information on a normal switch event.


Reserved for switch internal diagnostic information.

Using the logging severity command, you can select a set of Event Log messages according to their severity level and send them to a syslog server. Messages of the selected and higher severity will be sent. To configure a syslog server, see Configuring a syslog server.


no logging severity {< major | error | warning | info | debug >}

Configures the switch to send all Event Log messages with a severity level equal to or higher than the specified value to all configured Syslog servers.

Default: debug (Reports messages of all severity levels.)

Use the no form of the command to remove the configured severity level and reconfigure the default value, which sends Event Log messages of all severity levels to syslog servers.


The severity setting does not affect event notification messages that the switch normally sends to the Event Log. All messages remain recorded in the Event Log.