Use Cases

Following are the common use cases for Dynamic Segmentation, apart from the common use case of segmenting traffic based on user role policy:
  • Create a wired guest capability.

  • Provide a firewall at the Aruba Mobility Controller.

Wired Firewall Access:

To restrict user access, firewall and policies can be implemented for users tunneled to an Aruba Mobility Controller by using the built-in firewall capabilities of the controller.
Wired Firewall Access

Wired Guest Traffic Segmentation:

The Dynamic Segmentation feature supports segmenting wired guest traffic on the network. This is achieved by creating the secondary role as a guest role on the Aruba Mobility Controller and assigning a specific guest VLAN. Access and firewall policy is then implemented on the controller to isolate guest access to the rest of the campus network.
Wired Guest Traffic Segmentation