DHCP-based ZTP with AirWave

IPv6 based ZTP is supported from 16.06 switch version. Switches can be connected to AirWave through IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. To enable IPv6 ZTP provisioning, the ipv6 enable and ipv6 address dhcp full will be enabled by default from 16.06 switch version. These commands also get enabled when the switch upgrades from any older images to 16.06 with factory default configuration. From 16.06 release, the switch can act as DHCP server for IPv4 ZTP. The switch supports DHCP option 60 and 43 which is required for ZTP. AirWave supports IPv6 ZTP over data port and AirWave 8.2.8 will support both IPv4 and IPv6 ZTP over OOBM port.