redundancy preferred-active-management


redundancy preferred-active-management {management-module1 | management-module2}

no redundancy preferred-active-management {management-module1 | management-module2}


Configures priority to specified management-module to be active management module across multiple boots. Command does not change management module roles instantaneously and would require a reboot for configuration to come into effect.

The no form of this command removes the configuration for the preferred-active-management module.


The command redundancy preferred-active-management requires a reboot for the configuration to change.

Command context



management-module <1> | <2>

Configures selected management module as an active management module across multiple reboots.


  • The command redundancy preferred-active-management is mutually exclusive with VSF. The preferred-management-module must be disabled to enable VSF on an ArubaOS-switch.

  • When a preferred module taking over as an Active module fails, a fail-over to another management module will occur. User intervention must rectify the cause for the failure or if a chassis reboot is attempted, the attempt may fail. In the case of a boot, there will be an extra redundancy switchover.


Configuring preferred active management module.

switch(config)# redundancy preferred-active-management management-module1

switch(config)# show running config

Running configuration

; J9851A Configuration Editor; Created on release #KB.xx.xx
; Ver
hostname "Switch"
module B type j9993a
module G type j9987a
redundancy preferred-active-management management-module1
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
   ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged B1-B8,G1-G24
   ip address dhcp-bootp

CLI warnings in response to preferred-active-management command

CLI Warnings Scenario
Active-management cannot be set when preferred-active-management is enabled. Unconfigure before attempting to set active-management. The command active-management is mutually exclusive with existing redundancy active-management command.
Preferred-active-management configuration overrides active-management configuration. If redundancy active-management is set and user attempts to configure preferred-active-management a warning message displays when configuring redundancy preferred-active-management.

Once set, there is no way to unconfigure active-management setting.

VSF cannot be enabled when preferred-active-management is enabled. Un-configure before attempting to enable VSF. The command preferred-active-management is mutually exclusive with VSF configuration.

No warning/error message would be displayed upon ports being configured as part of VSF.