Tunneled Node profile on a Mobility Controller and Cluster

Use the following commands to configure a secondary user role on the Mobility Controller:
switch(config)# user-role authenticated
access-list session global-sacl
access-list session apprf-authenticated-sacl
access-list session ra-guard
access-list session allowall
access-list session v6-allowall
If the managed device is in a cluster, deploy the following configuration on the Mobility Master:
lc-cluster group-profile "hp2node"
(ArubaMM) [mm] (config) #cd /md/00:1a:1e:02:a4:c0
(ArubaMM) [00:1a:1e:02:a4:c0] (config) #lc-cluster group-membership hp2node
(ArubaMM) [mm] (config) #cd /md/00:1a:1e:02:a6:40
(ArubaMM) [00:1a:1e:02:a6:40] (config) #lc-cluster group-membership hp2node
(ArubaMM) (config) #show configuration node-hierarchy
Default-node is not configured. Autopark is disabled.
Configuration node hierarchy
Config Node Type
----------- ----
/ System
/md System
/md/00:1a:1e:02:a4:c0 Device
/md/00:1a:1e:02:a6:40 Device
/mm System
/mm/mynode System

Configure a cluster profile, specify the managed device IP addresses, and map the managed devices to the cluster profile.

(ArubaMM) [mynode](config) #show switches
All Switches
IP Address IPv6 Address Name Location Type Model Version Status Configuration State Config
Sync Time (sec) Config ID
---------- ------------ ---- -------- ---- ----- ------- ------ ------------------- ----------
------------ --------- None ArubaMM Building1.floor1 master ArubaMM up UPDATE SUCCESSFUL
0 0 None C2 Building1.floor1 MD Aruba7210 up UNK
(00:1a:1e:02:a6:40) N/A N/A None C1 Building1.floor1 MD Aruba7210 up UNK
(00:1a:1e:02:a4:c0) N/A N/A
Verify that all managed devices are added and the status is Update Successful.