User-Based Tunneling in v6 networks

Starting with 16.08, User-Based Tunnels are supported in IPv6 environments where all the components forming tunnels are reachable over IPv6. This is important for users who are in the process of migrating from IPv4 to IPv6-only environments. To support those users, User-Based Tunnels will work not only in IPv6-only environments but also hybrid environments where some components run IPv4 while others run IPv6.

The switch, controller, and AirWave can operate in an IPv6-only environment while ClearPass, as of 6.7, still has to be reachable over IPv4 (but supports v4 and v6 clients). Mixed mode is also supported, where one controller can be reachable through v4 and the backup controller can be reachable through IPv6, and the deployment supports clients with dual stacks (v4/v6). Using User-Based Tunnels in a IPv6 network is similar in setup and the configuration and show command covered in earlier sections work for IPv4 as well as IPv6 environments.