show debug


show debug


Use this command to display the currently configured settings for:
  • Debug message types and Event Log message filters (severity level and system module) sent to debug destinations

  • IPv4/IPv6 debug destinations (Syslog servers or CLI session) and Syslog server facility to be used

Example output

Syslog Configuration to Receive Event Log Messages at Specified System Module and Severity Levels on an IPv6 Syslog Server

Switch(config)# show debug
Debug Logging
Destination: None
Enabled debug types:
None are enabled

Displays the default debug configuration when no Syslog server IP addresses or debug types are configured.

Switch(config)# logging fe80:215:60ff:fe7a:adc0
Switch(config)# write memory
Switch(config)# show debug

Debug Logging
Logging --
System module=all-pass
Enabled debug types:

When you configure a Syslog IPv6 address with the logging command, by default, the switch enables debug messaging to the Syslog address and the user facility on the Syslog server, and sends Event Log messages of all severity levels from all system modules.