vlan vid ipv6 ospf3


vlan vid ipv6 ospf3 area [ ospf3-area-id ]

vlan vid ipv6 ospf3

interface tunnel [tunnel-id ] ipv6 ospf3 area [ospf3-area-id]

interface tunnel [tunnel-id ] ipv6 ospf3 [area [ospf3-area-id]]


Executed in a specific VLAN context to assign the VLAN to the specified area. If area is not specified, the command defaults to the backbone area. Requires that the area is already configured on the routing switch. This command assigns all configured networks in the VLAN to the specified OSPFv3 area.


vlan vid

Defines the VLAN context for executing the area assignment.

interface tunnel tunnel-id

Defines the tunnel context for executing the area assignment.

area ospf3-area-id

Identifies the OSPFv3 area to which the VLAN should be assigned.


If you add a new IPv6 address to a VLAN after assigning the VLAN to an OSPFv3 area, the new network automatically joins the area.

Before adding a new VLAN to an area, you must enable IPv6 on the VLAN. Otherwise the following CLI message appears:
IPV6 should be enabled before configuring OSPFv3.

The no form deletes the OSPFv3 configuration from the specified VLAN.

Example input

To assign VLAN 8 on a routing switch to area 3 and include all IP addresses configured in the VLAN, enter the following commands:

Switch(ospf3)# vlan 8

Switch(vlan-8)# ipv6 ospf3 area 3