About assigning the routing switch to OSPFv3 areas

After you globally enable OSPFv3 on the routing switch, use this command to create one or more OSPFv3 areas within your autonomous system (AS).

A routing switch can belong to one area or to multiple areas. Participation in a given area requires configuring one or more VLANs and assigning each to the desired area.

  • If you want the VLANs configured on the routing switch to all reside in the same area, you need to configure only that one area. (In this case, the routing switch would operate as an internal router for the area.)

  • If you want to put different VLANs on the routing switch into different areas, you need to re-execute this command for each area. (In this case, the routing switch operates as an ABR for each of the configured areas.)


Each ABR must be either directly connected to the backbone area (0) or be configured with a virtual link to the backbone area through another ABR that is directly connected to the backbone area.