route-map name

Use the route-map command to enter the route-map context and configure one or more route-maps.


route-map name [permit|deny ][ seq 1 - 4294967295 ]

no route-map name [permit|deny ][ seq 1 - 4294967295 ]


Used in the OSPFv3 context (router-ospf3) of a routing switch operating as an ASBR. This command enters the route-map context and enables configuration of one or more route-maps for permitting or denying external connected or static routes.

The no form of the command removes the named route-map from the switch configuration.

For details on configuring route-maps, including several commands used in the route-map context, see "Route Maps" in the "IP Routing Features" chapter of the latest Multicast and Routing Guide for your routing switch.

Example input

To permit the content of a route-map named "mymap" with a sequence number of 100 on a routing switch operating as an ASBR, enter the following command in the global config context:

Switch(config)# route-map mymap permit seq 100