area virtual-link dead-interval


area [area-id ] virtual-link [router-id] dead-interval [1 - 65535]

no area [area-id ] virtual-link [router-id] dead-interval [1 - 65535]


In the ospf3 context, this command is used on both ABRs in a virtual link to change the number of seconds that a neighbor router waits for a hello packet from the specified interface before declaring the interface "down." This should be some multiple of the Hello interval.

The dead-interval setting must be the same on both ABRs on a given virtual link.

The no version restores the default value.



Specifies the OSPFv3 area in which both ABRs in a given virtual link operate. In this use, the area ID is sometimes termed "transit area ID."

This value must be the same for both ABRs in the virtual link. If the area does not exist, this command creates it.


For an ABR in a given virtual link, this is the router ID (in decimal or 32-bit dotted decimal format) used to create the link on that ABR.

Default: 40 seconds