Router advertisement operations

  • When a logical trunk port is enabled, all members of the trunk are enabled for RA Guard. Likewise, when a logical trunk port is disabled (no ipv6 ra-guard ports <trunk-port> ), all members of the trunk are disabled for RA.

  • When ports are configured for RA Guard, hardware resources are allocated. If there are not enough hardware resources, this message displays:Commit failed

  • When debug logging is enabled (ipv6 ra-guard ports <port-list> log), the RA and redirect packets are sent to the processor, which can be CPU-intensive. This message displays:The log option uses a lot of CPU and should be used only for short periods of time.

  • The debug security ra-guardcommand is used to filter and display RA Guard debug log messages.

To display configuration and statistical information about RA Guard, enter the show ipv6 ra-guard command.

Output showing configuration and Statistics for RA Guard

When RA Guard is enabled, there will be one or two lines displayed in the running config file.

Running Config File Showing Line for RA-Guard