snmpv3 targetaddress


snmpv3 targetaddress name params params_name


Executed at the global config level to configure an SNMPv3 management station to which notifications (traps and informs) are sent.


[addr-mask ipv4-addr ]
[filter none|debug|all|not-info|critical]
[ max-msg-size 484-65535 ]
[ max-msg-size 484-65535 ]
[ port-mask tcp-udp port ]
[ retries 0 - 255 ]
[ taglist tag_name ]
[ timeout 0 - 2147483647 ]
[ udp-port port-number ]

The show snmp-server command displays the current SNMP policy configuration, including SNMP communities, network security notifications, link-change traps, trap receivers (including the IPv4 or IPv6 address) that can receive SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c traps, and the source IP (interface) address used in IP headers when sending SNMP notifications (traps and informs) or responses to SNMP requests.

Example output

The show snmpv3 targetaddress command displays the configuration (including the IPv4 or IPv6 address) of the SNMPv3 management stations to which notification messages are sent.

Switch(config)# show snmpv3 targetaddress

 snmpTargetAddrTable [rfc2573]

  Target Name      IP Address              Parameter
  ---------------- ----------------------- ----------
  1                  1
  2                  2
  PP.217             marker_p
  PP.218           2620:0:260:211
                  :217:a4ff:feff:1f70 1 marker_p

1 An IPv6 Address is displayed on two lines