copy tftp target


copy tftp target ipv6-addr filename [ oobm ]


Copies (downloads) a data file from a TFTP server at the specified IPv6 address to a target file on a switch that is enabled with TFTP server functionality.



If this is a link-local address, use this IPv6 address format:

fe80::device-id %vlan vid

For example:


If this is a global unicast address, use this IPv6 format:


For example:



One of the following values:


Copies a file stored on a remote host and executes the ACL command script on the switch. Depending on the ACL commands stored in the file, one of the following actions is performed in the running-config file on the switch:

  • A new ACL is created.

  • An existing ACL is replaced.

  • match, permit, or deny statements are added to an existing ACL.

For more information on ACLs, see "Creating an ACL Offline" in the “Access Control Lists (ACLs)” chapter in the Access Security Guide

config filename

Copies the contents of a file on a remote host to a configuration file on the switch.

flash [primary|secondary]

Copies a software file stored on a remote host to primary or secondary flash memory on the switch. To run a newly downloaded software image, enter the reload or boot system flash command.


Copies a public-key file to the switch.


Copies a configuration file on a remote host to the startup configuration file on the switch.


Switches that have a separate OOBM port specify that the transfer will be through the OOBM interface. (Default is transfer through the data interface.)