ip timep


ip timep dhcp interval 1 - 9999

ip timep manual {ipv6-addr|ipv4-addr}[ interval 1 - 9999 ][ oobm ]


Used at the global config level to configure a Timep server address.


The switch allows one Timep server configuration.


timep dhcp

Configures the switch to obtain the address of a Timep server from an IPv4 or IPv6 DHCP server.

timep manual

Specifies static configuration of a Timep server address.


Specifies the IPv6 address of an SNTP server.

[ interval 1 - 9999 ]

This optional setting specifies the interval in minutes between Timep requests. Default: 720

[ oobm ]

For switches that have a separate OOBM port, oobm specifies that Timep traffic goes through that port. (By default, Timep traffic goes through the data ports.)


To configure a link-local Timep server address of:

where the address is on VLAN 10, configured on the switch, enter this command at the global config level:
Switch(config)# ip timep manual fe80::215:60ff:fe7a:adc0%vlan10

In the preceding example, using a link-local address requires that you specify the local scope for the address; VLAN 10 in this case. This is always indicated by %vlan followed immediately (without spaces) by the VLAN identifier. For a global unicast address, you would enter the address without the %vlan suffix.