show timep


show timep


Displays the current timep configuration, including the following:
Time sync mode

Indicates whether timesync is disabled or set to either SNTP or Timep. Default: Disabled

Timep mode

Indicates whether Timep is configured to use a DHCP server to acquire a Timep server address or to use a statically configured Timep server address.

Server address

Lists the currently configured Timep server address.

Poll interval (min) [ 720 ]

Indicates the interval between consecutive time requests to the configured Timep server.

Example output

The show timep output for the preceding ip timep manual command example would appear as follows:

Switch(config)# show timep

 Timep Configuration

  Time Sync Mode: Timep
  TimeP Mode [Disabled] : Manual
  Server Address : fe80::215:60ff:fe7a:adc0%vlan10
  Poll Interval (min) [720] : 720