show sntp


show sntp


Displays the current SNTP configuration, including the following:


Time sync mode

Indicates whether timesync is disabled or set to either SNTP or Timep. Default: timep

SNTP mode

Indicates whether SNTP uses the broadcast or unicast method of contacting a time server. The broadcast option does not require you to configure a time server address. The unicast option does require configuration of a time server address.

Poll interval

Indicates the interval between consecutive time requests to an SNTP server.


Indicates the configured priority for the corresponding SNTP server address.

SNTP server address

Lists the currently configured SNTP server addresses.

Protocol version

Lists the SNTP server protocol version to expect from the server at the corresponding address.

Example output

The show sntp output for the proceeding sntp server command example would appear as follows:

Switch(config)# show sntp

 SNTP Configuration

  Time Sync Mode: Sntp
  SNTP Mode : Broadcast
  Poll Interval (sec) [720] : 719

  Priority SNTP Server Address                 Protocol Version
  -------- ----------------------------------- ----------------
  1        2001:db8::215:60ff:fe79:8980        7
  2                         3

The show management command can also be used to display SNTP server information.