clear ipv6 neighbors


clear ipv6 neighbors


You can clear the contents of the neighbor cache using the commands described in this section. Executed at the global config level, this command removes all nonlocal IPv6 neighbor addresses and corresponding MAC addresses from the neighbor cache, except neighbor entries specified as next-hops for active routes. The Layer-2 address information for any next-hop route is cleared until the route is refreshed in the neighbor cache.

Example output

Clearing the contents of the neighbor cache:

Switch(config)# clear ipv6 neighbors
Switch(config)# show ipv6 neighbors
Switch# show ipv6 neighbors
 IPv6 ND Cache Entries
 IPv6 Address                MAC Address   State Type    
 --------------------------- ------------- ----- ------- 
 fe80::213:c4ff:fedd:14b0    000000-000000 INCMP dynamic