show run


show run


In addition to the other elements of the current configuration, this command lists the statically configured, global unicast IPv6 addressing and the current IPv6 configuration per-VLAN. The listing might include one or more of the following, depending on what other IPv6 options are configured on the VLAN. Any SLAAC commands in the configuration are also listed in the output, but the actual addresses resulting from these commands are not included in the output.


ipv6 address fe80::interface-id link-local

ipv6 address prefix:interface-id/prefix-length

ipv6 address autoconfig

ipv6 address dhcp full [ rapid-commit ]

ipv6 global-unicast-address/prefix

Example output

show run output listing the current IPv6 addressing commands

Switch# show run

Running configuration:
vlan 10
   name "VLAN10"
   untagged 1-12
   ipv6 address fe80::1:101 link-local 1
   ipv6 address dhcp full rapid-commit 2

1 Statically configured IPv6 addresses open in the show run output.

2 Commands for automatic IPv6 address configuration appear in the show run output, but the addresses resulting from these commands do not appear in the output.