show ipv6 vlan


show ipv6 vlan [vlan vid|tunnel tunnel-id]


Displays IP and IPv6 global configuration settings, the IPv6 status for the specified VLAN, the IPv6 addresses (with prefix lengths) configured on the specified VLAN, and the expiration data (Expiry) for each address.

Example output

This example shows IPv6 status for the specified VLAN.

Switch# show ipv6 vlan 10

Internet (IPv6) Service

  IPv6 Routing    : Disabled
  Default Gateway : fe80::213:c4ff:fedd:14b0%vlan10
  ND DAD          : Enabled
  DAD Attempts    : 3

  Vlan Name       : VLAN10
  IPv6 Status     : Enabled

  IPv6 Address/Prefixlength         Expiry
  --------------------------------- ------------------------
  2001:db8:a03:e102::1:101/64       Fri May 19 11:51:15 2009

  fe80::1:101/64                    permanent