router ospf3 redistribute

This step enables ASBR operation on a routing switch and must be executed on each routing switch connected to external routes you want to redistribute in your OSPFv3 domain.


router ospf3 redistribute [connected|static|ripng] route-map map-name

no router ospf3 redistribute [connected|static|ripng] route-map map-name


Executed on an ASBR to permit or deny redistribution of static and/or connected routes to the ASBR’s domain, as specified in the named route-map.

The no form removes the redistribution configuration for the specified route-map.



Redistribute static routes into OSPFv3.


Redistribute connected routes into OSPFv3.


Redistribute RIPng routes into OSPFv3.

Example input

Enabling route redistribution

To implement redistribution for the connected and static routes configured in the route-map named "mymap," you would execute the following commands on the applicable ASBR:

Switch(config)# router ospf3 redistribute connected
Switch(config)# router ospf3 redistribute static
Switch(config)# router ospf3 redistribute ripng