ipv6 ospf3 dead-interval


ipv6 ospf3 dead-interval [1 - 65535]


Used in the VLAN context to indicate the number of seconds that a neighbor router waits for a hello packet from the specified interface before declaring the interface "down".

This command assigns the specified dead interval to all networks configured on the VLAN.

Default: 40 seconds

Example output

Switch(vlan-100)#ipv6 ospf3 dead-interval 200

CLI to verify the set value

Switch# show run vlan 100

Running configuration:

vlan 100
  name “VLAN 100”
  tagged 1/1
  ipv6 enable
  ipv6 address 2002::3/64
  ipv6 ospf3 area backbone
  ipv6 ospf3 dead-interval 50