ipv6 nd ra reachable-time


ipv6 nd ra reachable-time [1000 - 3600000|unspecified]


VLAN or tunnel context command for all hosts on the VLAN or tunnel to configure as the reachable time duration for a given neighbor after receiving a reachability confirmation from the neighbor. This value is used to ensure a uniform reachable time among hosts on the VLAN or tunnel by replacing the individually configured settings on various hosts on the VLAN.


1000 - 3600000

Reachable time in milliseconds.


Configures the reachable time to zero, which disables the reachable-time setting in RAs on the current VLAN.


If multiple routers on the same VLAN or tunnel are configured to advertise a reachable time, all such routers should use the same reachable-time setting.