ip router-id


ip router-id <ip-addr>


ip router-id <ip-addr>

Executed at the global configuration level to assign a router ID to the routing switch.

Default: Disabled

Example output

Switch(config)# ip router-id
CLI to verify the set value:
OSPF General Status
 OSPF protocol                       :enabled
 Router ID                           :
 RFC 1583 compatability              :compatible

 Intra-area distance                 :110
 Inter-area distance                 :110
 AS-external distance                :110

 Default import metric               :10
 Default import metric type          :external type 2

 Area Border                         :yes
 AS Border                           :no
 External LSA Count                  :512
 External LSA Checksum Sum           :16790016
 Originate New LSA Count             :19
 Receive New LSA Count               :529

 Graceful Restart Interval           :120