interface loopback


interface loopback [0 - 7] ipv6 ospf3 area [ospf3-area-id|backbone]

no interface loopback [0 - 7 ] ipv6 ospf3


Executed in a specific loopback context to assign an IPv6 loopback interface to the specified area. Requires that the loopback interface is already configured with an IPv6 address on the routing switch.


loopback interface 0 - 7

Defines the loopback context for executing the area assignment

ipv6 ospf3 area ospf3-area-id

Identifies the OSPFv3 area to which the loopback interface is assigned.


The area must already exist, and the loopback interface must already be configured with a minimum of one IPv6 address.

An IPv6 loopback interface can be assigned to only one area at any time.

When an IPv6 loopback interface is assigned to a given area, the no form removes the interface from that area.

Example input

Assigning IPv6 loopback addresses to an area

Switch(config)# interface loopback 3

Switch(lo-3)# ipv6 ospf3 area 12