Global unicast

Multiple global unicast addresses can be configured on the same VLAN interface, as long as the network prefix for each address occurs only once on the routing switch.

That is, for global unicast addressing:
  • The same interface identifier can be used with multiple, unique network prefixes (and the link-local address) on any VLAN.

  • Different VLANs must be configured with different network prefixes.

  • Only one instance of a given network prefix can be configured on a routing switch.

To summarize these rules:

IPv6 address type




one per IP routing interface

Can be either unique or a duplicate of link-local addresses configured on other VLANs on the routing switch.

global unicast

multiple per IP routing interface

The network prefix must be unique for each global unicast address configured on a given routing switch.

For the maximum number of IPv6 addresses configurable on the routing switch and on a given IP routing interface, see the Aruba-OS Switch Management and Configuration Guide for your routing switch.

Global unicast configuration

You can configure both of the following addresses on either the same VLAN or on different VLANs:

2001:db8:0:1f::1:6/64(prefix = 2001:db8:0:1f::/64)

2001:db8:0:2f::1:6/64(prefix = 2001:db8:0:2f::/64)