ipv6 authorized-managers

To configure one or more IPv6-based management stations to access the switch using the authorized IP managers feature, enter the ipv6 authorized-managers command.


ipv6 authorized-managers ipv6-addr ipv6-mask [access [operator| manager]]

no ipv6 authorized-managers ipv6-addr ipv6-mask [access [operator| manager]]


Configures one or more authorized IPv6 addresses to access the switch, where:

Specifies the mask that is applied to an IPv6 address to determine authorized stations.

access [operator|manager]

Specifies the level of access privilege granted to authorized stations. Applies only to access through Telnet, SSH, and SNMP (version 1, 2, and 3).

Default: Manager

access-method [all|ssh|telnet|web|snmp|tftp]

Configures access levels by access method and IP address. Each management method can have its own set of authorized managers.

Default: All