Changing an existing router ID

  1. Go to the global config context.
  2. The CLI prompt will appear similar to the following:
  3. Switch(config)#_
  4. Use ip router-id n.n.n.n to specify a new router ID.
  5. This must be in the IPv4 (32-bit) dotted-decimal address format and must be unique in the routing switch configuration and your network. For example:
    • If both OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 are enabled, you will see the following:
      OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 are running. Router-id will be applied immediately.
      Protocol will be reset. Continue [y/n]?
      Press Y to continue, or press N to exit from the command without changing the ID.
    • If a routing protocol is not enabled, the new ID is entered and the global config prompt is displayed.