Assigning a priority for a global IP-device classifier

This global QoS packet-marking option assigns an 802.1p priority to all IP packets that have the specified IP address as either a source or destination. If both the source and destination addresses match, the priority configured for the IP destination address has precedence.


qos device-priority [ipv4-address | [ipv4] | ipv4-address/mask-length] priority 0 - 7

qos device-priority [ipv6-address | ipv6 ipv6-address/mask-length] priority 0 - 7
Marks an 802.1p priority in outbound packets with the specified IP address or subnet mask in the source or destination field in a packet header, where:
  • ipv4-address or ipv6-address is an IPv4 or IPv6 address used to match the source or destination address in packet headers.


    An IPv6 local-link address (such as fe80::110:252%vlan20) that is automatically generated on a VLAN interface is not supported as an ipv6-address value.

  • [ipv4] ipv4-address/mask-length is the subnet identified by the IPv4 mask for the specified address that is used to match the IPv4 in the source or destination field of packet headers.

  • ipv6 ipv6-address/prefix-length is the subnet identified by the IPv6 prefix-length for the specified address that is used to match the IPv6 address in the source or destination field of packet headers.

    Enter the IPv4 mask or IPv6 prefix length with an address in CIDR format by using the number of significant bits (for example, 2001:db8::1:262:a03:e102:127/64 or

  • priority 0 - 7 marks the specified 802.1p priority in matching IP packets.

    The 802.1p priority determines the packet's queue in the outbound port on the switch. If the packet leaves the switch on a tagged VLAN port, it carries the 802.1p priority with it to the next downstream device.

    The no form of the command deletes the specified IP address or subnet mask as a QoS classifier, and resets the priority for the VLAN to No-override.

show qos device-priority

Displays a listing of all IP device-priority QoS configurations currently in the running-config file.

Configuring and Viewing 802.1p priority

Configuring and viewing the 802.1p priority used to mark packets that match each global IP-device classifier:

IP Address / Mask or Prefix Length

802.1p Priority








switch(config)# qos device-priority priority 7
switch(config)# qos device-priority priority 5
switch(config)# qos device-priority ipv4 priority 1
switch(config)# qos device-priority 2001:db8:2:1:212:79ff:fe88:a100 priority
switch(config)# qos device-priority ipv6 2001:db8:3:3::/64 priority 1
switch(config)# show qos device-priority

  Device priorities

  Device Address                                Apply rule | DSCP  Priority
  --------------------------------------------  ---------- + ------ -----------                                    Priority   |        7                                  Priority   |        5                               Priority   |        1
  2001:db8:2:1:212:79ff:fe88:a100               Priority   |        3
  2001:db8:3:3::/64                             Priority   |        1