DHCPv6 show commands

Use this command to show DHCPv6 snooping information.


show dhcpv6-snooping [stats] [bindings]

Shows DHCPv6 snooping statistics.


Shows DHCPv6 binding state entries in a tabular format.


The following example shows all available DHCPv6 snooping information.

switch(config)# show dhcpv6-snooping

DHCPv6 Snooping Information
DHCPv6 Snooping : Yes
Enabled Vlans :
Store lease database : Not configured
Rate-Limit (PPS) : 250
Max Current Binding
Port Trust Bindings Static Dynamic
------- ----- -------- ------ -------
Ports A3-A8,B1-B24,C1-C8,Trk1 are untrusted 

The following example shows DHCPv6 snooping statistics.

switch(config)# show dhcpv6 snooping stats

Packet Type   Action    Reason                          Count
___________   ______    ______                          _____
server        forward   from trusted port               0
client        forward   to trusted port                 0
server        drop      received on validating port     0
server        drop      unauthorized server             0
client        drop      destination on validating port  0
client        drop      relay reply on validating port  0
client        drop      bad DHCPv6 release request      0
client        drop      failed verify MAC check         0
client        drop      failed on max-binding limit     0