password [manager|operator][user-name ASCII-STR][{{plaintext|sha1} ASCII-STR}|
{min-pwd-length{length}}|{aging-period {value}}|{clear-history-record}}]                          
no password [manager|operator][user-name ASCII-STR][{{plaintext|sha1} ASCII-STR}|
{min-pwd-length{length}}|{aging-period {value}}|{clear-history-record}}]                            


Configures the local password and username for an access level. If no password is specified on the command line, the user will be prompted for the new password and for confirmation. The port-access password is only configurable when include-credentials is enabled. The no form of the command removes the specified password.



Configures the password aging time for a user. This will override the global set value. The no option applies the global aging time to the user password expiry.

Password aging time, in days. Possible values are 1 to 365, the default value is 90 days.


Clears history records of passwords for a user. The no option results in no change.


Configures the minimum password length for a user. The no option applies the default minimum length to the user. If the Password Complexity feature is enabled, the default minimum password length is 15 for a manager user and 8 for all other users.


Prompts for a plaintext password. The password can have a maximum of 64 characters. It must not contain spaces and is case-sensitive. Plaintext is the default type.