ArubaOS-Switch can learn statically configured MAC addresses, or dynamic MAC addresses. When port security is enabled on a switch, any unauthorized MAC address is denied access to the network. Lock a MAC to a port-VLAN pair feature supports both static and dynamic MAC learning with a new mode: learn-mode mixed. Using this mode, you can limit the number of MAC addresses learnt per port.

Previously, port-security did not support configuration of static MAC address on a port for a specific VLAN. Now, you can statically configure a MAC address to a specific port and VLAN, and simultaneously learn dynamic MAC addresses on the same port for other VLANs.

The existing port-security feature is modified to support the following enhancements:
  • port-security learn-mode mixed command supports both dynamic MAC address learning, and static MAC address configuration on a port-VLAN pair.

  • If learn-mode mixed is configured on the ports, a statically configured MAC address cannot move from one port to another secured port.