Re-numbering stack members

If you did not provision the stack for the switches when you first created the stack, members may not have acquired the desired member numbers; the stack members can be renumbered as described in the next example.

A four-member stack is used in the following example with switches A, B, C, and D. These switches are members 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Switch B acquired member number 3 and switch C acquired member number 2.

To renumber stack members:

  1. In the global config context, enter the remove command option for switch B (member 3) and switch C (member 2):
    switch(config)# stack member 3 remove
    switch(config)# stack member 2 remove
    All configurations on the removed member switch are deleted, not just the stacking configuration.
  2. Enter the following command:
    switch(config)# stack member 2 type <B's type> mac-address <B's MAC address>
    This command clears the MAC address of the member 2 configuration to allow switch C’s MAC address to be entered in the next command, without a duplicate MAC address occurring in the stack.
  3. Reboot switch B (new member 2) and then reboot switch C (new member 3).

  4. To confirm that each switch now has the desired member number, enter the show stacking command.