MVRP limitations

  • MVRP and GVRP are mutually exclusive, and cannot coexist.

  • MVRP and Smartlink are mutually exclusive. Smartlinks can be enabled on ports, which are not MVRP enabled and vice versa.

  • MVRP and PVST are mutually exclusive. When MVRP is globally enabled, spanning tree mode cannot be set as PVST and vice versa.

  • MVRP can be enabled on a provider bridge environment, but does not support SVLAN ports in mixed mode configuration.

  • MVRP can be used to manage VLANs on dynamic trunk.

  • Enable aaa port-access gvrp-vlans to support RADIUS-assigned VLANs. When you enable aaa port-access gvrp-vlans, dynamic VLANs created by MVRP or GVRP can be used for radius port assignment.

  • An OpenFlow member VLAN cannot be a dynamic VLAN. As a result, a dynamic VLAN must be converted to static to be handled by the OpenFlow controller.

  • For security purposes, MVRP is disabled by default. MVRP packets are blocked on MVRP disabled ports, but can be enabled on ports which are security enabled.

  • MVRP and private VLAN cannot coexist.

  • DIPLDv6 cannot be configured on MVRP enabled ports.

  • MVRP support is limited to 512 VLANs and 128 logical ports due to CPU and memory resource availability.

MVRP supported ports


Maximum MVRP ports supported

Aruba 2920


MVRP supported VLANs


Maximum VLANs

Maximum MSTP instance

Maximum ports

Aruba 2920