From within the user-role context:


reauth-period <VALUE>


Set the reauthentication period for the user role. Use [0] to disable reauthentication. For RADIUS-based authentication methods, it will override the RADIUS session timeout. It also overrides any port-based reauth-period configuration with the exception that LMA does not support a reauth-period.



Valid values are 0 – 999,999,999; a required configuration in user roles and it defaults to 0.

(user-role)# reauth-period 100

Set the reauthentication value for the current user role:

(user-role)# reauth-period 100

(user-role)# reauth-period 0

0 is used to disable reauthentication, and it is the default value.

(user-role)# reauth-period 0